The Journal of Computer Science and Engineering in Arabic is available for subscriptions atone of the following levels:

  • Institutional level , applicable to libraries, universities, laboratories, and such like. It is available in the following types:
      • Subscription for Soft Copies at a rate of $US 1200.00: Allows all employees of the institution to get an electronic copy of the papers whenever they want.
      • Subscription for Hard Copies  at a rate of $US 1050.00: Allows the institution to obtain a hard copy of each issue of the journal in addition to an annual volume gathering all annual issues.
      • Subscription for Hard & Soft Copies at a rate of $US 1500.00: Allows both types of subscription.
  • Individual Level: applicable to individual subscription at a rate of $US 120.00. It allows obtaining a hard copy of each issue of the journal.

It is also possible to obtain journal issues directly the journal’s page on

For online subscription payment, please refer to the following options.

Institutional Rate

Subscription for Soft Copies

$US 1200.00 BUY NOW
Subscription for Hard Copies $US 1050.00   BUY NOW
Subscription for Hard & Soft Copies $US 1500.00   BUY NOW

Individual Rate

Subscription for Hard Copies

$US 120.00 BUY NOW

For offline subscription payment options (such as bank transfers, checks, western union, money orders, etc), please le="mso-ansi-language:EN-US"> write to to make arrangements.